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School Meals

The cost of school lunches is included in the Junior School fees. There is a fantastic choice of food at Dulwich. Every day there is a selection of hot dishes, including a vegetarian option, pasta, jacket potatoes, soup and a well-stocked salad bar on offer. There is also a range of small desserts, which always includes fresh fruit.

In Years 3 and 4, the boys’ plates are checked to ensure that they have selected a balanced lunch. This is supported by discussion in Science and Wellbeing to ensure that the boys know about the different food groups and why each is essential. The boys eat lunch in their year groups with their teachers, who promote good table manners and make sure the boys are remembering to eat their lunch as well as chatting with their friends. In Years 5 and 6, the boys are given a little more independence and freedom in their lunch choices, with form teachers sitting nearby and reminding boys to consider their knowledge of a balanced meal as appropriate.

The menu is published on the website in advance, which enables parents to discuss the following day’s options with their sons, and taster plates are available if boys would like to try a new dish before making a decision. All our meals are freshly prepared each day. Food is sourced from ethical suppliers and prepared to the highest standards. The meat served to pupils at Dulwich College is of UK origin, reared and slaughtered to meet all current RSPCA welfare standards. Halal meat is available to those students requesting it.

Pupils boys sit on the College Catering Committee which meets regularly with the catering team to review the menus and facilities.

School Meals

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