Shared Services

Dulwich College organises and hosts other open events throughout the year for the local Dulwich and wider London community, including for school pupils and staff.

Below is a brief synopsis of these services, linking to more detail in other areas of this website.

The Archives

Annually around 30 classes from 15 Southwark primary schools book to visit the James Caird, lifeboat of explorer Ernest Shackleton, housed in the Laboratory building.

Information from The Archives is provided on a global basis. There are around 200 enquiries each year from external enquirers (poets, social researchers, researchers of books, TV, and film) for whom our archivists conduct research.

Access is provided to approximately 100 external researchers every year who come to the archive facility.

Material from our Archives has been loaned to the V&A and the Military museums.

Our archivists give talks to local groups and to schools.

To arrange access to The Archives contact:

Bursaries and Scholarships

Dulwich College was founded by Edward Alleyn in 1619 with the explicit purpose of helping what he termed ‘poor scholars’. Our support of academically strong boys from all economic backgrounds remains one of our central values today.

We have have more information about scholarships and bursaries in other areas of this website:


Our partnership work, including the voluntary school governance and trustee work undertaken by members of staff, including the Senior Management Team (SMT), enriches not only the educational outcomes of others but also the vitality of our own school.

If you have a governance vacancy that you would like to fill contact:

Dr Cameron Pyke
Deputy Master External

Scouts and Explorers

We provide facilities and staff for the 25th Camberwell Scouts and Dulwich Explorers. Comprising Cubs (years 4 and 5), Scouts (two troops for Years 6, 7, 8 and 9) and Explorers. All are a mix of boys and girls from the local community.

Each troop meets weekly during term times, using the Trevor Bailey Sports Ground as the Headquarters. Our teachers volunteer as leaders and the school minibuses are available for trips. About a third of participants are non-College students.

For more information contact:

Subsidised Events

Our facilities offer a flexible and varied space for events as we have event capability in-house, buildings of variable ages, plenty of open space and on-site parking.

The facilities are used by Dulwich College Enterprises Ltd (DCE) at times when they are not required for educational purposes. DCE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the College. Its net profits are covenanted to the College and help the College achieve its charitable objectives.

To enquire about hiring Dulwich College as a venue contact:

Julie Metzner
Head of Events

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