Community Action

Community Action refers to volunteering and fundraising activities. 

Pupils’ involvement in Community Action has a considerable profile and is recognised in the award of our Community Action ties and in the award of College Colours as a requirement of the Dulwich Diploma conferred to pupils in Year 13.  


In 2018 234 students participated in 17 different projects and were supported by 20 members of staff. 


The students organise themselves to raise money for the Charity of the term hoping to raise in excess of £20,000 annually.

To find out more about our Community Action programme contact:

Tim Buckler
Head of Community Action

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"The majority of our student volunteers start their community work at their first opportunity in Year 10, and a great many choose to continue their work for the duration of their time at the school. They enjoy working with a range of different people and age groups and developing their communication skills."
Iain Hollingshead History Teacher at Dulwich College and Head of Community Action