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Community Action

Pupils’ involvement in Community Action has a considerable profile and is recognised in the award of our Community Action ties and in the award of College Colours as a requirement of the Dulwich Diploma conferred to pupils in Year 13.  

Service Engagement  

Service Engagement at Dulwich College encompasses our Charitable and Community Action work. Our motto is Raising Awareness & Promoting Involvement.

Community Action  

In the academic year 2022-23, over 180 pupils in Years 9-13 have signed up to volunteer – during their lunch times and after school – with over 15 external placements covering environmental, educational and social opportunities. Year 9 opportunities are internal, at DUCKS and Junior School. We see this as an opportunity for our younger pupils to begin (or for some, to continue) their journey of service to others. All pupils commit to 16 weeks of volunteering, and some chose to continue into the Summer Term. These projects are immensely rewarding and genuinely beneficial, both to the placements themselves, as well as to our pupils.


Each of the five sections of the College support a key charity for the academic year, whilst also supporting many other charitable opportunities on a more one-off basis. Whilst we seek for significant amounts of money to be raised by our community, we also actively support our link charities in other practical ways.   

Student playing board game with Athol House resident


To find out more about our Community Action programme contact:

Tim Buckler
Head of Community Action

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