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We believe that mutual benefit comes from engaging in partnerships. Across the College pupils and staff voluntarily contribute their time and expertise to a wide range of community activities which are carried out under the umbrella of the College's whole-school strategic development plan and as detailed in the 2020 Annual Report.

Our activities have three strands: Educational Partnerships; Community Action; and Shared Facilities. The linked pages offer you examples of our work.

Our Other Partnerships

Dulwich College has a range of important partnerships which support raising aspirations across both the independent and maintained sectors. We have many examples of working with local schools for the benefit of individual students or for entire academic fields. Explore our In Partnership brochure for specific examples and aspirations.

Dr Joe Spence

The Master, Dulwich College

Co-director of the Southwark Schools Learning Partnership
Trustee of the Mark Evison Foundation
Trustee of Art History LinkUp
Trustee of Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dr Joe Spence on The Future of Partnership

Dr Cameron Pyke

Deputy Master External, Dulwich College

Trustee of E-ACT Multi-Academy Trust
Trustee of Southwark Community Educational Charity

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"I believe that there are significant mutual benefits when local schools work together, and it is very encouraging to see the development of meaningful partnerships between the Dulwich Foundation Schools and our excellent local state schools to the benefit of all students."Helen Hayes | Member of Parliament for Dulwich and West Norwood