In Partnership

That attention should be paid to its Founder Edward Alleyn's charitable mission is embedded in Dulwich College’s enduring commitment to philanthropy, service and partnership. An ethos of social responsibility lies at the heart of the College’s Strategic Development Plan and the co-curricular life of its students and staff.

We seek to encourage our boys, individually, collectively and with the support of staff, to engage fully with the wider community of which the College forms both an historic and contemporary part, and with the global village in which the majority will forge their professional careers. Our boys are given a variety of opportunities to express this, culminating in the award of the Dulwich Diploma to our Upper Sixth leavers.

We believe that with privilege comes a duty to engage in partnerships that can benefit others, and across the College pupils and staff voluntarily contribute their time and expertise to a portfolio of partnership and community activities, thereby shaping a legacy of sustained engagement.

Our outreach activities have three broad strands: Educational Partnerships; Community Service; and Shared Facilities.

Dr Joe Spence

The Master, Dulwich College
Trustee of the Blackbird Academy Trust
Co-director of the Southwark Schools Learning Partnership

Dr Cameron Pyke

Deputy Master External, Dulwich College
Academy Ambassador for City Heights E-ACT Academy
Trustee, Trinity Academy

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I believe that there are significant mutual benefits when local schools work together, and it is very encouraging to see the development of meaningful partnerships between the Dulwich Foundation Schools and our excellent local state schools to the benefit of all students. Helen Hayes | Member of Parliament for Dulwich and West Norwood