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Welcome to Virtual Founder's Day 2020

One of the consequences of lockdown for the College is that we are unable to end the year with our traditional Founder’s Day event. Instead we have created a virtual celebration in the form of a series of films to showcase what has been achieved during this unparalleled time in the College’s history.

We encourage you to start with the Opening Ceremony, which includes a welcome from the Master, and then suggest you look at Dulwich in Lockdown, which is a compilation of multifarious accomplishments and undertakings, including remote learning, co-curricular activities, community work and charity fundraising.

In recent years, fireworks have always marked the end of the traditional Founder’s Day and, therefore, we have compiled a School Song and Virtual Fireworks film (thanks to 2019) to complete this year's celluloid offering. We hope you enjoy the experience and to see you on campus for Founder's Day 2021.

The Opening Ceremony

Welcome to Virtual Founder's Day 2020. The Master introduces this year's Opening Ceremony with performances from pupils in DUCKS and in Years 6, 11 and 12.

Service of Remembrance

The Virtual Founder's Day Service by the War Memorial is conducted by Reverend Tim Buckler, the Chaplain. We hear from the Master and from current and former Prefects.
Order of Service 

Dulwich in Lockdown

The College gates closed in March and Virtual Dulwich opened. Here we record just some of the activity that has taken place since - at home and on campus - including remote learning, co-curricular, fundraising and community work.

Founder’s Day Concert 2020

The Music Department showcases a selection of performances from the Summer Term online programme. From Beethoven, to Sinatra, this eclectic concert celebrates the talent and dedication shown by our musicians.
Founder's Day Concert Programme

Distance Dance

A montage of three videos featuring exciting work from Year 7 to Year 12, celebrating the boys’ remote learning and response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Theatre at Home

A snapshot of brilliant invention from Years 7 to 13 discovering new ways of creating, thinking and play-making, mining transferable performance skills from stage to screen.

Art Review 2020

Locked Up/ Locked Down/ Locked In/ Locked Out

Reactive, reflective, observing the world from their windows, our artists have produced a plethora of creativity. We review the past, embrace the present and cannot wait to see 'what's next'.

In Partnership: Community Action

An opportunity to see some of the regular Community Action projects that pupils are involved in at the College and hear from those who participate in them.

'Dulwich is ...'

A collection and celebration of what Dulwich means to our Old Alleynian community.

Dulwich College International in Lockdown

The film from DCI tells the story of our how the family of schools has united in the face of adversity to manage the Covid-19 crisis across multiple countries

400th Anniversary Highlights

Revisit our 400th anniversary year that included Founder's Week 2019 with the service at St Paul's Cathedral, Sports Day at Crystal Palace, Supersized Singing and the Founder's Day Evening Concert.

School Song and Virtual Fireworks

In recent years fireworks have marked the end of Founder's Days and we have compiled this film (thanks to 2019) for you to enjoy as we come to the end of this year's virtual celebration.

The Alleynian 

'Out of the Ordinary' is the strapline of this summer's digital Alleynian, which contains traditional content such as creative writing, valetes, and co-curricular, together with thought-provoking articles by student writers.  

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Discursive, multiple and critical, Semantron showcases the best intellectual writing of College students.  Volume 20 includes Chaucer, drones, genetic editing, surrealism, punk, polymers, quantum, politics, psychiatry and the Dutch. 

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