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Working Together

The successful development of the Dulwich schools overseas results from a close, dynamic and forward-looking partnership between Dulwich College and Dulwich College International. We are now recognised as probably the leading UK independent school network operating overseas. The Dulwich international schools reflect, in a modern setting, the traditional Dulwich ethos of holistic education, of pursuing academic success alongside the nurturing of important life skills through a broad co-curriculum.

Following the Dulwich educational model, all of our partnership schools have established excellent reputations in their own right. As an example: in 2014, 66,000 students worldwide took the International Baccalaureate Diploma; 150 of these students achieved perfect scores of 45 points, and of those 150 students, six were from Dulwich international schools. The profile of Dulwich College is enhanced both at home and abroad by the quality of education offered by Dulwich schools worldwide.

Dulwich College plays an important part in the development and success of the schools overseas. We provide advice, ongoing support (for example over the recruitment of new staff from the UK) and, importantly, we offer a quality assurance role, with annual inspections of all the schools by staff from London.

The college also derives a regular income from our partnership operations with no capital investment of its own. This money, together with other commercially derived income, is used to support the College’s bursary scheme and other developments.

Educational Opportunities

With the world increasingly becoming more globally connected, influence and opportunity are moving east – Dulwich College’s Asian presence therefore presents a multitude of opportunities for our pupils. Boys from London are given the chance to visit the schools in China to improve their knowledge of Chinese language and culture. The opportunity is also available for boys to take up positions as gap year assistants at our International Schools.

2015 saw the most exciting collaborative venture yet between all the Dulwich schools as Dulwich College Beijing hosted the first Dulwich Olympiad for sport and music. More than 100 students from London flew out to China for a chance to compete in this event and meet some of their counterparts at the Dulwich Colleges in Asia. Highlights can be seen in the Olympiad film: .

Links are also being forged between our UK and international alumni. Alumni of our overseas schools are invited to the College’s Oxford and Cambridge dinners and to OA events in the UK and abroad.


Members of staff are given valuable possibilities for career enhancement through our International Schools. A number of staff have spent time at Dulwich Colleges overseas on visits or secondments to enhance their experience of teaching and learning in a different context.

Teaching staff also attend conferences and training opportunities with their counterparts in Asia; this enables the sharing of good practice, for example over the teaching of Mandarin Chinese and Early Years education.

The existence of a Dulwich network likewise allows some staff a chance for career progression by taking up new posts abroad, whilst remaining within the Dulwich family.

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Dr Cameron Pyke

Deputy Master External