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Dulwich College International

An exclusive worldwide charter agreement has led to the establishment of a number of overseas schools and programmes, taking the Dulwich name, ethos and best practice out into the wider world. Dulwich College International (which is owned by Education in Motion), owns and operates a network of schools with more than 9,000 pupils that includes the Dulwich College International Schools and High Schools in China, South Korea, and Singapore. 

The seven schools that carry the Dulwich College name are co-educational and principally cater for the expatriate community. In addition to the international schools, two High Schools have been established in China (in Suzhou and Zhuhai), in conjunction with respected Chinese schools, to teach the IGCSE and A Level curriculum to Chinese pupils who are aiming for top universities in the UK, USA and elsewhere.

Grounded in partnership with Dulwich College, the international schools follow our holistic approach to education by coupling academic rigour and scholarship with co-curricular endeavours including sporting, musical, dramatic and charitable activities. This array of opportunities is supported by outstanding facilities at all of the schools.

Working Together

The successful development of the overseas schools results from a close, dynamic and forward-looking partnership between Dulwich College and Dulwich College International. Following the Dulwich educational model, Dulwich College International schools have established excellent reputations in their own right. In 2023, for their International Baccalaureate Dulwich College International students achieved an average of 36.7 out of 45 (compared with a world average of 30.2), and for their GCSEs 61% of papers sat were awarded grades 7 to 9.

Dulwich College plays an important part in the development and success of the schools overseas. We provide advice, ongoing support and, importantly, we offer a quality assurance role, with inspections by senior staff from London.

The College also derives a regular income from the agreement with no capital investment of its own. This money, together with other commercially derived income, is used to support the College’s bursary scheme.

Educational Opportunities

2015 saw the first Dulwich Olympiad hosted by Dulwich College Beijing, an exciting collaborative venture for sport and music. More than 100 students from Dulwich College flew out to China for a chance to compete in this event and meet some of their counterparts at the Dulwich College International schools in Asia. Highlights can be seen in the Olympiad film. The second Dulwich Olympiad was held in London as part of the College’s 400th anniversary celebration, and in 2024 the third Olympiad will be hosted in Singapore.

Links are also being forged between UK and international alumni. Alumni of the overseas schools are invited to OA events in the UK and abroad.


The partnership network allows some staff a chance for career progression by taking up new posts abroad. A number of staff have spent time at Dulwich College International schools on visits or secondments to enhance their experience of teaching and learning in a different context, and teaching staff also attend conferences and training opportunities with their counterparts in Asia; this enables the sharing of good practice, for example over the teaching of Mandarin Chinese and Early Years education.

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Dr Cameron Pyke

Deputy Master External