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Diversity & Inclusion

Dulwich College is committed to working against discrimination and exclusion. Beyond our specific commitment to anti-racism and colour consciousness, we are building a school of equality where every pupil feels they have a place and where their skills, talents and contributions are recognised.

With a focus on Race and Ethnicity, Gender Allyship and LGBTQ+, we are undertaking actions within five areas as part of our commitment to equality:

  1. Recruitment and retention
  2. Staff and parent training and workshops
  3. Pupil’s workshops and development
  4. Curriculum Development and wider learning
  5. Counselling, mentoring, and reporting

Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) leaders host a pupil and staff Diversity and Inclusion Alliance that meets regularly to monitor and facilitate progress, ensuring opportunities are created and taken up across the College. Educating and developing a culture of ‘Active Allyship’ from positions of knowledge and empathy underpins the work of the Alliance for social justice within and beyond our community.

We cannot yet claim to be a truly diverse community, but we are making progress. The richness of diversity and inclusion benefits everyone and we invite you to join our conversation to be a positive agent of change.

D&I Alliance

Diversity and Inclusion Alliance Group

The D&I Alliance is an action group made up of 42 staff and pupil members. We operate across three Strands - Race and Ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and Gender Allyship - and carry out actions as well as being a think tank, a voice, and a sounding board for the wider college community. We work with the pastoral and academic senior leadership teams on the College’s five core actions.

Currently our three strands are focusing on:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Display (physical and virtual)
  • Talks and Events

The group comes together termly to report and discuss next steps. The Alliance work in tandem with the D&I Forum.

D&I Forum

Members of the D&I Forum

The D&I forum is made up of representatives from every tutor group who come together termly to answer questions posed by the D&I Alliance, to ask questions and to make suggestions for the College to agree and act on.

Three D&I Strands

The D&I Strands are a core focus and have emerged from global, societal and internal areas identified as drivers of necessary change. They are intersectional and carve a path towards inclusion of all protected characteristics.


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