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The Almshouse
  • 1616

The Almshouse was the ‘other’ part of Edward Alleyn’s College and once provided for 12 pensioners. It now accommodates 16 residents in self-contained sheltered housing.

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Edward Alleyn’s Diary
  • 1617

On 29 September 1617 Edward Alleyn started his diary. This may well not be the first diary he kept in his life, but it is the only one that survives. He could have been modelling it on the meticulous account book kept by his step father-in-law Philip Henslowe (MS VII) which recorded their day-to-day business transactions.

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The Queen's barge
  • 1618

On 19 December 1618 Edward Alleyn ‘bought off Mathew all the upper parts of the Queen's barge’ for £2 2s 6d. This was Elizabeth I’s Thames barge used since 1603 by James I’s wife, Anne of Denmark.

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Granting of Letters Patent
  • 1619

By the granting of Letters Patent on 21 June 1619, James I gave permission for Alleyn’s property and wealth to be used to relieve and maintain poor men and women and to educate children. Boys, with few prospects or opportunities, and pensioners were to be chosen from the four parishes with which Alleyn had connections:

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Edward Alleyn’s death
  • 1626

On 25 November 1626 Edward Alleyn died after a short illness; he was 60 years old. He had ridden to Yorkshire in the autumn to see some land he had recently purchased. He was taken ill and then recovered sufficiently to make his will before relapsing again.

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