Parents’ Portal  

Instructions for parents of Upper, Middle, Lower and Junior School boys

(New passwords will be sent to parents via Dulwich Post shortly)

Please note passwords for the Parents’ Portal and Dulwich Post, are different.

To access the Parents’ Portal, go to

A dialogue box will appear asking for the Parents’ Portal username and password,

Problems logging on from work

There have been instances where firewalls on work networks, particularly in the corporate sector, have prevented parents from logging on, in these cases we have advised parents to contact their Computer Services department.

Users of AOL

If you use AOL as your Internet Service Provider you should do the following:

  • Click on the AOL icon to establish your internet connection
  • Then open Internet Explorer or your default browser to access the Parents' Portal
  • Do not use AOL's own browser, as this will not allow you to access the site

If you have any problems accessing the Parents’ Portal please contact  

Dulwich Post

Dulwich Post is the online method for sending  electronic communications to parents.

Dulwich Post messages will be sent to the email contact addresses you have provided to the College. You can notify us of changes of address, phone and email contacts via the 'Settings' in your Dulwich Post online message box. These will then be corrected in the main College database.

Normally you do not need a password to log into your mailbox. However, if you are asked for one and you are not sure what that is, you may request a reminder from the login page. A password will be sent to you. You can change your password in the setting section. The password you use for Dulwich Post is not the same as the one you use for logging on to the Parents’ Portal.

Your email messages are stored online in your personal mailbox. This is a permanent archive of all your Dulwich Post messages.

For help with Dulwich Post email