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Drawing and Painting


Drawing is at the heart of all that we do in the Art Department and in particular, drawing from direct observation. This invariably forms the basis of all projects from Year Seven through to the Sixth form and provides pupils with a first point of contact with their subject matter. Drawings can be made in many different ways and to this end boys employ a wide range of media which is simply too long to list here. Of course drawings need not be made to serve an investigative or explanatory function as reference for further work; they can be works of art in their own right.


The paintings produced in the Art Department encompass a wide range of approaches and functions from small, meticulously observed and finely wrought watercolour paintings to expressive mark making explorations using industrial materials that defy any category. A wide range of painting media is employed including watercolour, pastels, gouache, acrylic, oils and household paint- sometimes in exciting combinations. Boys are encouraged to develop independent and personal work through experimentation with a wide range of materials.

  • Year 13, oil painting
  • Year 13, mixed media painting
  • Year 13, acrylic painting
  • Year 12 drawing
  • Year 12, pen drawing
  • Year 12, painted details using acrylic
  • Year 12, oil painting on wood
  • YeYear 12, observational watercolourpaintings paintings
  • Year 11, watercolour, pen and ink
  • Year 11, Self-Portrait-Paintings
  • Year 11, Oilbar drawings
  • Year 11, Gouache painting on embossed fabriano paper
  • Year 11, acrylic details on paper
  • Year 10, wax resist observational drawings
  • Year 10 acrylic on canvas
  • Year 10, chalk drawing with acrylic highlights
  • Year 9, observational paintings
  • Year 9, observational drawings
  • Year 13, watercolour and acrylic painting