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Observe. Experiment. Explore. Do it more than once. Make mistakes. Don’t use your first idea. Change things. Have an opinion. Process rather than outcome. Edit. Slow down. Speed up. Question. Collaborate. Take risks. Repeat yourself. Allow accidents to happen. Imitate. Trust your instinct. Do it more than once. Creativity is not device dependent. Do something. Getting it wrong is getting it right. Work on three things at once. Beg, steal and borrow from other artists. Act don’t react.

 The Art Department offers an extensive range of facilities and experiences for boys across the College. There are seven well equipped art studios, including a ceramics studio, three printing presses and a computer suite with both Mac and PC packages. We also have an outstanding Art library which is used as a resource to support all students. Although we are incredibly fortunate in this respect, the studios and facilities on offer are not what make the Art Department what it is. The uniqueness of what is achieved here is due to the enthusiasm of the boys, the constant dialogue between staff and students and the fact that work is tailored to the needs and ambitions of individuals. There is no ‘house style’ here, and we would be prepared to fight fiercely to ensure that there never will be. We are as interested in the boys as we are in their work, and to many the Art Department has become a haven away from the sometimes hectic pace of life outside.

There are ample opportunities for boys to develop their work in timetabled lessons, and boys are also able to use the department in their free time, either to add to existing projects or to develop new ideas. Teachers are always available to help students develop their ideas. Photography society and Art Society are thriving, and hold regular meetings in the department. Lower School ceramics club also meets weekly.

As well as practical Art, we offer Critical and Contextual Studies at A Level and both Artists and non-Art specialists take this exciting subject. We run regular trips for boys in the Upper School studying both practical Art and Critical and Contextual Studies, and all are encouraged to put their own work into context by visiting Galleries and exhibitions on a regular basis.

Mrs S M Mulholland BA

Director of Art


Art as an academic subject


"I was not cut out to be performer - I'm an ideas person and like to work alone in the studio - composing would have been more suitable but I needed some manual labour."
Elizabeth Fritsch