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Boys playing rugby

At Dulwich College, sport plays a central role in our boys’ education and helps promote a healthy and active lifestyle for all pupils. We encourage each and every boy to participate in a form of physical activity that they enjoy, can progress in, and from which they can benefit out of school and later in life.

We are committed to:

  1. Providing opportunities for all to lead a healthy lifestyle through a breadth and depth of sport and physical activities.
  2. Supporting pupils to ensure a well-balanced curriculum including physical activity is embedded in their daily routine.
  3. Fostering and nurturing athletes who are aspiring for excellence in identified sports and physical activities.
  4. Developing the whole person as well as the athlete.
  5. Engaging with the local community by developing meaningful partnerships with external agencies through sport and physical activity.

Be recognised as a centre of excellence for sport within the school’s sector.

Our Sports programme is designed to develop pupils’ confidence and resilience through physical, technical and mental stimulus, and to provide opportunities for teamwork and leadership. At the core of our Games programme is a team-sports ethos, promoting physical health and social interaction, and providing every pupil with an opportunity to represent the College. Opportunities for pupils to compete are numerous – last year Dulwich College played more than 1,700 sporting fixtures involving more than 80 per cent of boys across over 25 sports ranging from rugby and cricket through to fencing and table tennis, and the College supports this with excellent facilities. All sports are delivered by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.

The College has a strong sporting reputation, and through personal commitment and determination, many of our pupils excel in their chosen field. The College continues to support such athletes through our Excellence Programme, which provides support and includes expert coaching, strength and conditioning, nutritional advice, physiotherapy and external speakers.

If you require any further information about the Sports Programme at Dulwich College, please contact our Sports Department.

Phil Greenaway
Director of Sport