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Remove Economics Trip to the City of London

Posted: 05 Jul 2017
Remove Economics City of London

On Thursday 22 June 28 Remove boys and three members of staff headed into the City of London. This was a chance for many boys to see what life after Dulwich may hold in the finance world. The trip started with a visit to Bluecrest Capital Management, a Hedge Fund based near Victoria. Starting with a quiz on Financial Markets, Carlo Dwek was able to impress with his knowledge and take home the £20 first prize. This was followed by talks from the CEO of the firm, as well as other employees from various different areas (trading, compliance, and accounting) the boys were able to listen and ask questions about the roles in the firm as well as the route many of the employees took into the city.

The boys were then given some free time to explore the city around the Bank of England. The boys then toured the Bank of England museum and were able to hold an example of the solid gold bars that are kept in the vaults at the Bank. The day ended with a visit to the London Metal Exchange. Once again the boys were given incredibly informative talks from members of the Exchange. The Chairman of the board, Sir Brian Bender, introduced the boys to the Exchange and gave a summary on what the London Metal Exchange does and what makes it so unique. This was followed by current employees detailing to the boys on their career path which led them to the Exchange, emphasising the importance to get into an area of work in which they are passionate. The visit to the London Metal Exchange finished on a high. The boys were able to watch the final half hour of trading on Europe’s only operating verbal trading floor. The intensity of work, and volume of trades being submitted was impressive if not a little confusing, and this was unanimously the highlight of the trip for the students.