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Hollington Club and Dulwich College Duke of Edinburgh collaboration

Posted: 29 Jun 2017
DC and Hollington Club DofE collaboration

As part of our long standing link with the Hollington Club, this year we have supported a group of their young people towards achieving the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. This initially involved a four day training camp in the Ashdown Forest during the Easter Holidays. Here, the girls and boys from the Hollington Club learned the skills required for their Qualifying Expedition. This tested their fitness and taught them valuable skills such as navigating and camp craft as well as teamwork and self-reliance. In between their training, the group received mentoring from two of our Gold DofE participants, Sam Dookun-Shanahan and Micah Roberts, who contributed their knowledge and guidance as Bronze Award holders. Finally last Sunday the participants accompanied us for the Qualifying Expedition in the Kent Downs where they successfully completed this part of the programme.

We wish them success in achieving their Bronze Awards and look forward to further collaborations in the future.