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International Day 2017

Posted: 05 May 2017

International Day 2017

Last Sunday the boarding community celebrated its second International Day, which had grown from last year with more guests invited. This year Dulwich was honoured to have the company of the City Heights Academy, who set up a fantastic Portuguese stall, and all the boarders were able to invite day boys to enjoy the day with the company of all their friends. The day kicked off at high noon with two inspirational speeches, delivered by the Master and Michael Yu, on the importance of accepting and interconnecting with our diverse world to improve its harmony. Then the boarding community was able to enjoy the outstanding musical performances of the Big Band and the Orchard Band before progressing to the Lower Hall to experience the main event of the day.

The theme of the International Day this year was food, as it is something that each and every one of us can enjoy and relate to. Thus in the Lower Hall, the boarding community was met by the boys, who had put a lot of effort in setting up 14 stalls: America (Jack McEvoy), Britain (Harry Taylor, Hugh Pimblett), China (Michael Yu, Benedict Yao), Denmark (David Powell), Ghana (Benoit Baidoe-Ansah), Hong Kong (Percy Chan), India (Avi Kumar), Poland (Jakub Papaj), Portugal (City Heights Academy), Russia (Shamil Amirov, Daniil Ivanov), Singapore (Marcellus Chang, Ze Ming Go, Tong Lap Hang), South Africa (Sebastian Curtis), South Korea (Yongjoo Park) and Turkey (Kagan Pekgoz). 

After all the stalls were presented with all their cultural food, information and activities, the boarding community was able to enjoy the main meal of the day. The event was concluded by a tug of war between Ivyholme, Blew, Orchard and the Barbarians. Remarkably, in the final between the Barbarians and the Orchard, it was the latter who turned out to be victorious. Well done to the Orchard and to all the boys who contributed to this fantastic day!

Shamil Amirov (Year 13)