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UK Linguistics Olympiad 2017

Posted: 21 Mar 2017
This term, 51 pupils took part in the UK Linguistics Olympiad, a national competition designed to test the very limits of pupils’ language analysis skills. The boys were tasked with decrypting the Inuktitut alphabet of northern Canada, isolating the noun inflections of Basque and explaining the morphosyntax of Abkhaz, and they did admirably!

19 pupils from Year 10 to 13 sat the Advanced paper. Django Pinter earned a Gold certificate and has been invited along with 16 other top performers from around the country to take part in Round 2, a two-day competition at Trinity College, Cambridge. Silver certificates went to Ayman D’Souza and Alex Somes Pinero, and Bronze to Shamil Amirov, Jonathan Pratt, Edward Wilson, Aaryan Deshpande, Freddie Leslie and Yash Gupta.

32 pupils from Years 7 to 9 entered at Foundation level, with Silver certificates going to Darren Wei, Stanley Traynor and Owen Casstles and Bronze awards to Oscar Cunningham, Ludovico Federici, Ned Wildgoose Bulloch, Erik Watson, Fred Griffiths and Felix Synge.

Congratulations to all participants and here’s to their continued UKLO success in future years!