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School Officers 2016 - 2017

Captain of Athletics Buzz Robb
Captains of Badminton Thomas Tsui & Clinton Ng
Captain of Basketball Michael Yu
Captain of Boats Alexander McGowan
Captains of Croquet Harry Taylor & Hugh Pimblett
Captain of Cross Country
Aidan Williams
Captain of Cycling Patric Peyton-Jones
Captain of Fencing Toby Stinson
Captain of Golf James Sealey
Captains of Hockey Adam Beese & Ethan Smith
Captain of Ski Racing
Fernando De La Infiesta
Captain of Swimming Barnaby Garland
Captain of Tennis Constantin Cogne
Captains of Water Polo Finn Hanrahan & Isaac Edey
Heads of Symphony Orchestra Cameron Forbes & Daniel Smallwood
Symphonic Wind Band Prefects
Greg South & Kit George
Percussion Prefect Oliver Wells
Chapel Choir Prefects Thomas Lui & Daniel Norton-Smith