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Dulwich College reflects every aspect of the multi-cultural life of twenty-first century Britain and welcomes boys of all religious faiths. 

The original Christian Foundation of 1619 is in the Anglican tradition and the College retains its own full-time Chaplain. He has a particular role in promoting the spiritual wellbeing of boys, involving the growth of their sense of self, their unique potential, and their questioning of life’s fundamental questions. He supports boys of all faith, and is particularly responsible for the co-ordination of all Christian worship and activity in the College and for all Dulwich College services held in Christ's Chapel of Alleyn's College of God's Gift in Dulwich Village. 

The Chaplain is always available to offer guidance and advice on any issues affecting the boys as part of the College’s welfare provision. The Chaplain’s office is located next to the Quiet Room, a space set aside for private and small group worship and reflection.

The Chaplaincy supports various Christian prayer groups for boys, staff and parents, and runs an annual Confirmation class. Master’s Assemblies are taken in the Chapel, with the Chapel Choir involved in the running of regular Sunday services.

Founder's Prayer

Our Founder Edward Alleyn is buried in Christ's Chapel of God's Gift. The Founder's Prayer is read at services both in the chapel and at the College, and can be found it in the front of our College hymn books along with the School Song. It is a prayer of gratitude and purpose, mindful of the past, present and future, and seeing all three in the context of faith, humility and dedication.

We give thee humble and hearty thanks,
O most merciful Father,
For the memory in this place of Edward Alleyn,
Our founder and benefactor,
By whose benefit this whole college of God's gift
Is brought up to godliness and good learning;
And we beseech thee to give us grace to use these thy blessings
To the glory of thy holy name,
That we may here fulfil the good intent of our founder,
And become faithful servants to thee and to our country,
And at last be made partakers
In thy heavenly promise of the life everlasting;
Through Jesus Christ our Lord


Reverend Justin White
020 8299 9218