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Entry Procedures & Timetable

It is not College policy to allocate places in order of registration. Whilst we are happy to accept earlier registrations, the usual period for receipt of applications is between September and November in the year preceding the desired date of admission. In most cases, we are able to make arrangements for candidates from overseas to sit examinations in the country concerned. Full or weekly boarding is available from Year 7 (11+).

Timetable for entry procedures:

Junior School (Years 3-6)
Lower School (Year 7, 11+)
Middle School (Year 9, 13+)
Upper School (Year 12)


Years 7 and 9 (11+ and 13+)

The offer of a place at the College is made on the basis of

  • the candidate’s performance in the appropriate examination or test
  • an interview
  • a confidential report from the Head of the candidate’s present school

and is subject to the College’s Standard Terms and Conditions

Year 12 (16+)

Full details about entry to the Upper School

The Interview

Candidates who show promise in the written papers are invited to attend for an interview shortly after the examination. Our aim is to provide a friendly atmosphere for the interview during which the candidate will be allowed the opportunity to give further evidence of his academic strengths and some indication of interests and abilities with which he might make a contribution to the general life of the College.

Extra Time in Entrance Examinations

Additional time is available for boys who have an Educational Psychologist’s report that shows they have below average scores for speed of cognitive processing. Use of a computer is available for boys for whom it is the normal way of working and where it is appropriate to their needs. Please make the Registrar aware of this at the time of application.