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Community & Partnerships

SSLP Glee performance

The College has always aspired to look beyond itself and to embody a spirit of philanthropy and service. In the twenty-first century world this outlook is even more necessary. We seek to encourage our boys, individually, collectively and with the support of staff, to engage fully with the wider community of which the College forms both an historic and contemporary part, and with the global village in which the majority will forge their professional careers. 

We believe that with privilege comes responsibility to others, and our boys are given a variety of opportunities to express this, culminating in the award of the Dulwich Diploma to our Upper Sixth leavers. We are particularly delighted to have developed a series of genuine partnerships, both locally and internationally, which in different ways express our ongoing commitment to engage with others as part of our complementary educational and charitable mission. 

These pages offer a flavour of the six strands of this commitment: SSLP; The SCEC Saturday School; Southwark Teaching School Alliance; Educational Partnership with E-ACT Academy City Heights; Community Service; Science & MFL.