How to get involved

The Parent body of the FDC is a large group of volunteer parents, across the College, who work together to pull off an amazing array of social and fundraising events and activities. We are always looking for help so whether you you have a lot of time to give or only a hour or so per year, please do get in touch as every bit helps!

The FDC supports the enrichment, experience, opportunity and improvement of all DC boys. The FDC raises money through various events and allocates £30,000 annually across the College. The long term benefits of a project will influence the allocation of funds – how do present DC boys benefit and what can this provide for future students.

Interested in getting involved? Our FDC is changing bringing exciting new initiatives and opportunities. Involvement is conducive with today’s busy lifestyle. Don’t accept the view that if you work you can’t be included, you can. We encourage teamwork and lots of people doing a little bit. Working together, giving your time when you can, doing what you enjoy makes it happen.

If you would like to be involved, or can offer some of your time, please email us at, and if possible, let us know whether there was anything specific you would, or wouldn’t like to get involved in.

Without the inspiration, motivation and assistance from parents none of this would happen!

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